JANUARY 25, 2017

CONTACT: Natalie Baldassarre




“The recent decision by the Democratic majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to strike down the state’s Congressional districts is a cynical political statement that disenfranchises Pennsylvania voters while continuing to disadvantage challenges to well-funded incumbents.

Grassroots candidates, like myself, rely on organization to overcome the money in politics that favors incumbents.  Unfortunately, any effort to organize is being undermined by this order to redraw the districts just as candidates are preparing to circulate petitions to get on the ballot.  We now have no idea where the new district lines will be and won’t until the scheduled petition period is underway; but, it is fair to say that incumbents will be given considerations when the lines are redrawn that challengers will not.  In addition, it is likely that the period for circulating petitions will be significantly shortened making it more difficult for a volunteer-driven campaign to get on the ballot. There simply is not enough time to educate voters about the new districts.

I applaud Chief Justice Thomas Saylor and Justice Sallie Mundy for opposing the Democrats latest attempt to undercut our democracy and I encourage efforts to push this matter to the United States Supreme Court.”