MARCH 23, 2018
CONTACT: Natalie Baldassarre
(716) 909-8838


“Today, Tom Marino voted to fund Planned Parenthood, fund sanctuary cities and allow the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens to be taken away without due process. Without even reading the bill, he voted for a 2,232 page, $1.3 trillion dollar spending package that only adds to our national debt and fails to provide funding for President Trump’s Border Wall. This is not what the people sent him to Washington to do. How Tom Marino can vote to support such an egregious bill baffles me.  He clearly listens more to the interest in Washington than he does to his constituents here in Pennsylvania.
Much like Marino’s previous legislation that tied hands of law enforcement in the war on the opioid epidemic, Marino’s actions today were in direct contradiction with the values of rural Pennsylvania and demonstrated why it is time for new representation in Washington. My record of public service is one of reducing taxes, cutting the size of government and eliminating debt. I am pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and anti-illegal immigration. Those are the values of the 12th Congressional District.”