Low taxes, spending cuts and 2nd Amendment dominate dinner

WILLIAMSPORT SUN-GAZETTE – Two candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives also spoke — the incumbent, Marino, and Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko.

Marino said it was his third Lincoln Day dinner for the day, “and I haven’t eaten at any of them.”

He transitioned to more serious matters, noting his vote for the corporate tax rate cut and support for Trump’s efforts to build a wall on the border and infrastructure spending such as roads and bridges. He defended a bill he had sponsored on drug access, criticizing “60 Minutes” as “fake news” for its reporting on the bill and noted it passed both the House and Senate by wide, bipartisan margins. He said problems with the bill surfaced after senators changed one word, raising the burden of proof for the Drug Enforcement Administration to impede certain pharmacies from flooding communities with opioids and said the leadership of the DEA had stated the version of the bill he wrote was fine.

“There is no one around more dedicated to going after drug dealers than me,”Marino said.

McLinko, who is challenging Marino for the nomination for his seat, touted his record on eliminating county debt as a commissioner and cutting municipal taxes as a township supervisor. He also spoke about the toll the opiate crisis has taken on families in the region.